“we’re gonna fucking die”



“we’re gonna fucking die”

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SO MANY DIAMONDS! - Minecraft: Hexxit (#3)

Since coming back I’ve fallen behind with this again! Right!

First up, this is what happens when riches go to my head… 

alphaotaku said: Boffin: researcher, laboratory geek, mega nerd.

I knew that D: I just didn’t know if it had a more official meaning haha. Drp.

alphaotaku said: I have a wonderful prank you can pull on Americans/Canadians/Australians/EveryonewhospeaksEnglishbutisn't Boffins. No one outside of England knows what Boffin is. I know but that's only because I'm a clever monkey. Start a campaign to save the Boffins! Endangered and rare the Boffin is an elusive animal that needs our help! Help us gain a conservation status for the Boffin and start a breeding program to help save them!

I can’t remember answering this, so I’ll do it now, sorry! XD

I’d love to start a boffin conservation program! If I… knew what one was, too… #failureofabriton T_T

DATING AN ELITE! - Halo: CE (Legendary) (M1#3)

I’m back and badder than ever! And now apparently I like bedding aliens…

The Brit Cometh.

alphaotaku said: Need a tissue?

Yes. Pls.

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Internet update:

Okay, so Virgin Media are absolute clowns. They re-scheduled our Internet installation from 12th July to 25th July without telling me. 25TH JULY FOR GOD’S SAKE! We’re on high priority for to be booked in as a replacement if someone cancels but until then it’s going to be more silence from me.

Pro Tip: Don’t get your Internet from Virgin Media.

I get Internet tomorrow…

And then I can get uploading videos on Sunday! WOOOO D:

50 subscribers and 419 video views in just over a month across 9 videos!

Again, it just keeps on surprising me how quick things are moving on this new channel, and that’s all without me being around for the last 2 weeks to put up more videos, and without creating any of these montage/short clip videos that I promised!

I’ve started to edit Halo #3, Hexxit #3 and #4 and Penumbra #3 and #4 in my spare time on an evening (I don’t need an Internet connection to edit those :p I’m posting this from a laptop at my old flat while I’m cleaning it), and I’m going to bring them to the flat next week while I clean it some more to upload them. But then that’s it, no more vids until after the 11th :p

Thanks again for all the support, and I’ll see you soon!

~ le Brit



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BACK ON THE 11TH! - Channel Update (The BritVine 30/06/14)



Most Majestic Dog You Will Ever See
She’s beauty and she’s grace! (She’ll slobber on your face)


Most Majestic Dog You Will Ever See

She’s beauty and she’s grace! (She’ll slobber on your face)

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Alright guys, I’m off on holiday to Corfu for a week

And then the week after I’m moving, so you’re gonna have no new content from me for 2 weeks. Sorry! All the same, look out for the re-launch of Necessary News tomorrow on NecessaryGaming, created by me! By the time it goes out I’ll probably already have landed at my holiday destination, so wish me a good holiday and I’ll be back to entertain you all some more before you know it!

~ Toodles!